Belgingur provides accurate weather forecasting solutions for the global Wind Energy and Emergency Rescue sectors. Belgingur's products and services enable its customers to better anticipate changing weather conditions and respond accordingly.

Belgingur's core expertise is in downscaling and optimizing weather forecasts according to local topography, land use and weather patterns, making its approach particularly suitable for complex terrain. Belgingur has developed proprietary technology to improve the efficiency and scalability of forecast computation resulting in greater flexibility and responsiveness for the user. Belgingur's team of experts have many years of experience collaborating with leading international meteorological organisations in meteorological research and development.

Energy utilities, Search & Rescue organisations, as well as Meteorological offices and the general public, have come to rely on the consistent quality of Belgingur's weather forecasts. As a result, Belgingur now has international partnerships with leading company such as Eneco, The National Power Company of Iceland, and the Global Disaster Alert & Coordination System jointly run by the United Nations and European Commission. Belgingur's public weather forecasts have also built up thousands of loyal followers in the Nordic region.