Belgingur are experts in high resolution weather forecasting, and provide solutions for the global Wind Energy and Emergency Rescue sectors. As well as offering on-line forecasts in a range of graphic and data formats, Belgingur also undertakes consulting projects including wind resource assessment, forecast optimization and training.

Wind power

Belgingur has developed a versatile forecasting methodology which can be optimised for even the most complex terrains. Belgingur's team of experts tailors each forecast model by selecting the best performing combination of parametrisation schemes. Forecast accuracy can be further enhanced by incorporation of supplementary data such as orography, land-use or in situ meteorological and power output data. Read more

Search and Rescue

Belgingur offers a rapid-response high-resolution weather forecasting service which has been successfully deployed in natural disaster relief around the world. The forecast displays key weather variables crucial to effective search and rescue missions and readily works with mobile devices. Forecast resolution is typically 1km with a time-horizon of 6 days (time intervals down to 15 minutes). Forecasts can be set up on-the-fly and accessed within minutes of request. Once set up, forecasts can be updated every six hours, pre-optimised by Belgingur according to local conditions, or supplemented with more detailed in situ physical data. Read more