Operational weather forecasts

Belgingur has created a novel weather forecasting framework, called Weather On Demand – WOD, that is deployable in the cloud and on in-house hardware and which can be customized for any location world-wide at a very short notice.

The WOD framework is a distributed system for:

  • Running the WRF weather model for data-assimilation and forecasts by triggering either scheduled or on-demand jobs
  • Gathering upstream weather forecasts and observations from a wide variety of sources
    processing data for long to medium-term storage
  • Making results available through APIs
  • Making data files available to custom post-processors

Much effort is put into starting processing as soon as the required data becomes available and in parallel when possible.

In addition to being able to create short- to medium-range weather forecasts for any location on the globe, users are granted access to both global and regional weather forecasts, as well as seasonal outlooks from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the USA through WOD integrated APIs. Open access global forecasts from the ECMWF and regional forecasts from the Deutche Wetter Dienst and Danish Meteorological Institute can further be accessed via the APIs. Through the WOD API system users can also access weather observations from over 30.000 locations world-wide. All this information can be integrated with third party software solutions via the WOD APIs.

The software is maintained in Git and can be installed on suitable hardware in a matter of hours, bringing the full flexibility and power of the WRF modeling system at your fingertips.

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