Company and team

For over two decades Belgingur has been dedicated to research in meteorology with special emphasis on numerical simulations of the effects of orography on atmospheric flow. With state of the art numerical weather prediction models, run on powerful computer clusters, our forecasts of precipitation, winds and temperature are becoming ever more detailed and reliable. As of 2019 Belgingur has been working in the field of sub-seasonal forecasts with special emphasis on servicing the renewable energy and agrology sectors. Our most recent venue of research is the use of Machine Learning models to forecast the weather.

Our team

Dr. Ólafur Rögnvaldsson

Founder & Managing Director

Ólafur is the founder of Belgingur and has worked with atmospheric models since 1997. Having previously worked at the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Icelandic Energy Authority, Ólafur has a PhD in meteorology from the University of Bergen, Norway. He has been a visiting scientist at NOAA/ESRL (formerly NOAA/ETL) in Boulder, Colorado, on a number of occasions and has authored numerous peer reviewed articles on meteorology and frequently lectures on the subject around the world. Ólafur has been a part time teacher at the University of Iceland as well as co-supervising MSc. projects at Reykjavík University, DTU in Denmark and the University of the Faroe Islands.

María Edwardsdóttir

Business Development Director

Maria is responsible for the creation of long term value from customers, markets, and relationships. Her experience ranges from managing delivery of corporate IT services to heading Iceland’s largest privately run medical clinic. Maria was an advisor to Belgingur on financial and strategic planning before taking on the position of Business Development Director in 2013.

Karolina Stanislawska

Head of Software Development

Karolina is an engineer with 15 years of experience in software development. She has pioneered in domains known today as data science and machine learning. Over the years, she worked as software engineer with R&D and science projects across Europe, contributing to innovation in Earth science, climate and weather modelling, disease detection and robotics. With background in both computer science and GIS Karolina now oversees Belgingur’s software systems, introducing new cutting edge solutions to drive the company forward.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Georg Grell


Georg is a meteorologist at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) where he leads the development of the online WRF-chemistry model (WRF/Chem). Dr. Grell collaborates with scientists from many other NOAA laboratories, as well as other national and international institutes and universities on further development of WRF/Chem. Dr. Grell is currently developing a new approach to parameterization of convection using ensemble and data assimilation techniques.

Dr. Haraldur Ólafsson

University of Iceland

Haraldur is a professor in meteorology at the University of Iceland. He is a renowned expert on the effects of complex terrain on the atmospheric flow. Haraldur has sat on numerous steering committees for large international research projects as well as being the primary investigator in many international field experiments.

John Michalakes

UCAR/Naval Research Laboratory Monterey

John is a Senior Scientist at the Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science at UCAR where he works on model optimization and software engineering. John has many years experience in research in software tools and parallel algorithms for efficiently implementing atmospheric models on parallel computers. Previous roles include lead software architect for the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF), and wind energy modeling at NREL.

Dr. Jian-Wen Bao


Jian-Wen is a research meteorologist at NOAA with extensive experience in numerical weather modeling. His research topics include numerical modeling of air-sea interaction, tropical cyclones, air pollution, data assimilation and ensemble prediction system.

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